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Farrell's Lawn Service offers the following services
This is only a small sampling of all the work we do. Please contact us to speak with a certified professional about your specific needs.
Lawn Maintenance

We offer yearly contracts or a per trip basis. 


We also offer brushhog service for fields or overgrown lots.

Spring/Fall Clean Ups

Spring clean up's consist of raking and removal of all debris from yard and cleaning out flower beds.

Fall clean up's consist of removal of all leaves and debris in lawn and flower beds. 


All debris is removed from site.

Mulch and Top Soil

We sell triple ground black mulch by the yard.  Customers can pick up mulch at our site or we can deliver to you.


We will also install mulch in your landscape areas.


We also sell screened topsoil

Gravel and Stone

We sell bank run gravel, washed #1 and #2 stone, crusher run and oversized stone.



Tree Removal
Snow Plowing

We offer tree trimming and pruning, tree removal and stump grinding.


We offer lot clearing and chipping services.


We offer emergency storm damage and removal of trees from structures.

We offer installation of gravel and stone driveways, water line repairs, septic system repairs, installation or repair to lawns, and dozer and loader services.

We offer commerical and residential snow plow service.  We offer yearly contracts and a per call basis. 


We also offer salting services for parking lots and sidewalks.


We also remove large quantities of snow from parking lots.

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